What is Your Emergency Plan

Would everyone in your home understand what to do when a catastrophe strikes? Meet with your household and go over why you might need to get ready for a catastrophe. Describe the dangers of fire and severe weather conditions, like hurricanes and tornadoes. Living in Magnolia, go over which natural disasters would most likely to take place in our city and explain exactly what to do in each scenario.

Here is a useful emergency kit checklist to help get you organized.

Establish and exercise your emergency plan; in an emergency scenario remember every second counts. It is necessary to have periodic emergency preparedness drills to practice out your plan. Without practicing, your plan will certainly be less effective and potentially put you and your family in dangerous circumstance that might have been avoided. Practicing your plan will certainly assist you to determine any areas that require improvement.

Every emergency strategy must include:

Location: A designated meeting place for all members of the family outside your house in case of unexpected emergency such as a fire, and also one meeting location right out side of your property in case you can't immediately return to your home.

Emergency contact number: Ensure to include a family member or friend that everyone can call to get updates. A point of contact is specifically crucial to have in case your entire household is not all together when disaster strikes.

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Evacuation plan: Needs to include several evacuation paths if possible and also who is responsible for getting either the young children or older adults who may need special assistance.

Supplies: Make certain that you are ready for any kind of catastrophes that you could occur in the Magnolia area. Its also a good idea to create a 72 hour survival kit. Water, food and medical supplies. This kit should be kept in a bag that can easily be carried when a disaster strikes.

Financial / insurance information and essential paperwork: Make logs and videos of prized possessions for insurance info. Make copies of all your vital documents and have then in a safe place. A bank safe deposit box would be ideal.

Keep in mind when getting ready for an emergency situation make sure to think about the standard requirements such as food, water and shelter.

Share your catastrophic strategy plan with your next-door neighbors and neighborhood. Organizing preparedness efforts prior to an emergency situation can help avoid much suffering and damage that can happen in an emergency scenario. By executing and exercising a neighborhood emergency preparedness drill to practice out your plan, will assist create awareness of the resources readily available in your location, determine risks, motivates preparedness in your neighborhood, and provides practice so that everybody understands exactly what to do if an actual catastrophe were to strike.

Keep in mind practice makes perfect, however, in this case practice makes Preparedness!

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