Tips To Dry Out Your Magnolia Carpet

Whether your hot water heater decided to spring a leak, rain from an Magnolia storm found its way through your roof, or some other flooding disaster occurred, wet carpet has to be dealt with as quickly as possible. If you let wet carpet stay that way you could see many troubles ahead: organic decay, fiber degeneration, delaminating, heavy soiling, mold, and a nasty odor that could never ever go away. If you have a soggy, foul-smelling, tainted carpeting, you've got a big issue on your hands.

Organic Decay

One of the issues with damp carpets that have been allowed to sit for awhile is that organic decay takes place. This is the breakdown of all the built up dirt and debris. As natural material decays it produces off-gases which you'll immediate recognize due to the strong smell. When the water that flooded the carpeting in the very first location was infected such as sewer water, this problem ends up being even worse.

Fiber Wear and tear

As the carpeting stays water logged, damage to the structure of its fibers is inescapable. Not only do the fibers deteriorate, the entire carpeting can loosen, reduce, or end up being misshaped. It will certainly take longer to dry out further exacerbating the trouble if the pad beneath the carpeting also got drenched.


Carpets that are glued to the floor run the danger of delaminating after the carpeting's been soaked. The longer the carpeting stays drenched, the higher the danger of the glue breaking down.

Heavy Soiling

Another issue happens with damp carpets - heavy soiling. Even if the water that soaked the carpeting was clean water, if the carpeting is not cleaned and dried out appropriately, heavy staining raises its ugly head. Not only is staining unsightly, a greatly stained carpet is a nasty smelling-carpet.


Your wet carpeting provides them with just such an environment. It doesn't take long prior to mold takes over; permitting your wet carpeting to continue to be drenched for over 48 hours virtually makes sure mold will grow.

So don't postpone, move quickly and resolve the damp carpeting with replacement or cleaning and drying.

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