Fire Damage Tips For Your Magnolia Home

Fire is defined as the rapid oxidation of materials in the chemical process of combustion, releasing light, heat, and various reaction products. A fire can happen in any place and at any time with deadly consequences and pose a serious health hazard if not correctly cleaned.

Magnolia Restoration Service specializes in fire and smoke damage restoration and would like to share with you a few simple tips if an unfortunate fire disaster occurs within your home or business.

What you should do if your Magnolia home or business has a fire

If you have suffered from fire damage, we would like to provide you with some do's and don'ts of fire and smoke damage. Please remember to stay out of your property until the fire is completely out and the firemen on the scene have given you clearance to enter the property. Only after you receive clearance would we recommend the following do's and don'ts.

The Do's After Fire Damage

  • Open any and all windows and doors for ventilation
  • Get anyone out of the house or building if they suffering from respiratory or breathing issues
  • You can use a light coat of WD40 to clean and protect chrome trim on kitchen appliances
  • Blow off, brush or vacuum any loose smoke particles from upholstery, drapery and carpet
  • Empty your refrigerator and freezer completely if electricity is off - Prop doors open if possible
  • You can use WD40 to clean and protect smoked chrome bathroom faucets, fittings and towel bars
  • Wash off plants with water remembering to get both sides of the leaves
  • Remove pets (especially birds) to clean environment

The Don'ts After Fire Damage

  • Wash or attempt to clean the walls, ceilings or other absorbent surfaces
  • Avoid using all upholstered furniture
  • Eat or save exposed food items which may have been exposed to excessive heat
  • Use any electrical appliances until thoroughly cleaned and inspected
  • Attempt to clean clothing garments as this may actually set the smoke odor in the fabric
If you require emergency fire damage restoration service, than call us on now at 281.404.9253!

Help After The Fire

If you recently suffered a fire at your home, then I'm sure you must have a million questions. The first ones being what do I do now? Who can I turn to for help? What agencies offer financial aid? What programs are out there to help people in my situation? Here is a great guide that can answer a lot of the questions that I'm sure you have at the moment. We are also your trusted source for information. Please feel free to talk with us about your concerns and always ask us any questions that you are unsure about.